Things to Know Before You Go 

General Information

Travel Documents and Health Requirements: Governmental document and health requirements vary according to cruise destination and are subject to change without notice. Passengers should check with their travel agent before departure that the information below is still valid. Please bear in mind that it is the responsibility of the passenger to be in possession of all necessary documentation prior to boarding the vessel. Passengers without the proper documentation (passports, visas, health certificates, etc.) may be denied boarding the vessel without refund of cruise and/or Air/Sea fare.

Passports: U.S. citizens require a valid passport for all our cruises. Your passport should be valid for at least three months after the end of your trip. If you need a new passport or to renew your old one, please allow several weeks for processing. Applications are available at your local passport office or at designated Post Office. Non-U.S. citizens should consult the appropriate consulate(s) for information on their passport requirements.

Visas: Royal Olympia Cruises will assist passengers in obtaining information regarding tourist visas for those cruises that may require one. However, it is the responsibility of the passenger to have all necessary documentation in their possession before boarding the vessel. If you have any questions, please contact Royal Olympia Cruises, your travel agent, or the appropriate government agency.
Health Requirements: We suggest you consult with your travel agent or Public Health office regarding requirements (vaccinations, immunizations, etc.) for your cruise itinerary. Health requirements vary depending upon the countries visited and the general health conditions at the time of departure.
Registration Form: A Registration form will be found in your cabin. This form should be completed and returned to Royal Olympia Cruises as directed. For your convenience, passengers’ passports are held at the Purser’s office throughout the cruise to expedite immigration processing when the ship arrives in foreign ports.
Personal Funds and Expenses: Royal Olympia Cruises recommends that passengers carry travelers’ checks for both convenience and security. They may be cashed on board ship for local currency (only) and used to pay shipboard accounts. Travelers’ checks are accepted or can be cashed in most ports of call. Credit cards are also useful for purchases in port and for payment on board. Passengers may find it useful to bring a small amount of cash in local currency for small personal expenses. Upon embarkation, an account is automatically opened for you. You may sign for most shipboard services and charge them to your cabin. The account is payable at the end of the cruise. You may pay in cash, travelers’ checks, or with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and Diner’s Club credit cards. Personal checks are not accepted on board. The currency on board is U.S.$.
Gratuities: You will receive detailed information on board. The suggested gratuity covering all services is $9 (or the equivalent) per passenger per day, payable at the end of the cruise. Passengers are requested not to tip individually during the cruise except for spa/beauty salon which is not included in tipping pool. Gratuities may be paid with cash, travelers’ checks, American Express, Diner’s Club, MasterCard, Discover Card or Visa credit cards. We regret that personal checks are not accepted on board.
Dining Room Reservations: There are two dinner seatings on board, generally at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Times vary depending upon the port of call. During breakfast and lunch, the dining room has an open seating. Requests for early or late seating will be assigned by the Maitre d’hôtel on sailing day. After embarkation, check with the Maitre d’hôtel to confirm your table assignment. Smoking is not permitted in the Dining Room.
Optional Shore Excursions: A number of comprehensive land tours have been arranged in the ports of call. You will receive a flyer describing the tour options with your cruise documents. More details are available from the ship’s Shore Excursion Manager. Shore excursions may be purchased on board and charged to your shipboard account. A list of shore excursions is provided on page 54.
Special Care and Dietary Requirements: Royal Olympia Cruises’ Passengers’ Services Department will try to satisfy requests for special diets (low-salt, low-fat, Kosher) if furnished in writing at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the cruise. Please note that there may be an additional charge to prepare Kosher meals. However, it should be understood that the dietary requirements of passengers suffering from disability or health problems, as well as for infants and children, are the responsibility of that passenger’s escort (s).

Communications with the ship

Mail for passengers: Letters for passengers should be addressed in the following manner:
Passenger Name ____________Ship Name _________
c/o Company agent __________
The name and full address of the Company’s agent in each port may be obtained from Royal Olympia Cruises. While every attempt is made to distribute mail, no responsibility is accepted by the Company for non-delivery. Sender’s name and address should be shown to facilitate return in the event of non-delivery.
Satellite Telephone, Telex and Facsimile Communications: In addition to radio communication and telegrams, it is also possible to communicate with the ships by telephone and telex via satellite, as outlined below. The rates for this service are higher than radio communication and regular long distance calling from shore. Tariff information may be obtained
from your local telephone company. Please note that passenger cabins on Stella Oceanis do not have telephones.
Direct Dial: In order to dial direct to the ship, use the numbers below:
Olympia Voyager  011+871 762520468 
011+874 762520472 
011+871 762520473
011+874 762520473
Olympia Explorer  Tel :
011-871-763262032 & 011-871-763262035


Olympia Countess  011+871+1132632  011+871+1132656
Stella Solaris  011+871+1130226  011+871+1130733
Triton  011+871+1131266  011+871+1131266
World Renaissance  011+871+1132631  011+871+1132631
Stella Oceanis  011+871+1130471  011+871+1130471
Odysseus  011+871+1130652  011+871+1130252
Apollon 0944+414566 (MOBILE)  
For operator assisted calls (e.g., person to person, credit card calls, etc.) ask the operator to place an “international MARISAT call” and use the appropriate number.

What to pack

Clothing on Shore: Look forward to warm, even hot weather with some cooler breezes at night. Especially for shore excursions, we recommend loose, comfortable cottons or other lightweight clothing. Some of the tours involve long bus rides and/or considerable walking, so comfort is essential. For all excursions, comfortable shoes are recommended. Please bear in mind that shore excursion buses are air-conditioned and you may wish to bring a light sweater. On tours that include visits to places of worship, shorts and bare shoulders are not permitted.
Clothing on Board:
Day - Lightweight, casual clothing is the most practical. Of course, you’ll want to bring swimsuits, sun hats and comfortable shoes for both deck wear and strolling ashore. For ladies, slacks, skirts and loose attire are comfortable for daytime. Gentlemen will find slacks and sports shirts popular daytime attire. The dining room dress code for breakfast and lunch is casual. However, bathing suits and tank tops are not permitted. If you don’t wish to change for lunch, you may dine at the buffet on deck. 
Evening Dress - The Daily Program will indicate the evening dress code, in effect after 6:00 pm. The dress code is defined as follows:
Formal - dark suit or tuxedos for gentlemen; evening dresses or pantsuits for ladies.
Informal - suit or jacket and tie for gentlemen; cocktail dresses, skirts or pantsuits for ladies.
Casual - slacks and sport shirts for gentlemen; similar attire for ladies.
Greek Night/semi casual - during every cruise there is a “Greek Night,” during which passengers are invited to dress as Greek as possible or wear blue and white, the colors of Greece.
On 19/21/26-day cruises there are generally four formal nights, three informal nights, two Greek nights and the remainder are casual nights.
On 10/11/12/14-day cruises there are generally three formal nights, two informal nights, one Greek night and the remainder are casual nights.
On 7/8-day cruises there are generally two formal nights, one informal night, one Greek night and the remainder are casual nights.
On 3/4-day cruises there are generally one formal night, one Greek night and the remainder are casual nights.

Weather Chart (Average High / Low temperatures F / C )

  March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov.
Cairo 75/51 83/57 95/65 96/70 95/71 90/68 86/65 86/65 75/57
(Egypt) 24/11 28/14 32/17 34/18 35/21 35/22 32/20 30/18 24/14
Athens 62/48 69/53 78/52 87/69 92/74 92/73 86/67 75/60 72/58
(Greece) 17/9 20/12 26/12 31/20 33/23 33/23 30/20 24/16 23/14
Jerusalem 70/51 77/58 83/65 85/72 88/76 90/76 88/74 85/68 80/63
(Israel) 21/11 25/14 28/18 30/23 31/26 32/24 31/23 30/20 27/17
Istanbul 51/39 60/44 68/53 77/60 80/63 80/66 77/60 66/53 59/48
(Turkey) 11/4 16/7 20/12 25/16 27/18 27/19 25/16 19/12 15/9
Rome 59/45 66/50 73/55 82/63 86/68 86/68 79/63 72/55 61/48
(Italy) 15/7 19/10 23/13 28/17 30/20 30/20 26/17 22/13 16/9
Don’t Forget: Sunglasses, a sun hat, your camera (and extra film and batteries), and sundry toiletry items. You may wish to bring binoculars, guidebooks and a calculator for exchange rates while shopping. Passengers bringing video cameras are advised that museums and archaeological sites frequently charge a fee for their use. In the event of inclement weather,
bring a light waterproof jacket or an umbrella. Wearers of prescription glasses or contact lenses should bring a spare pair just in case they are needed. If you are taking medication, bring an adequate supply for the trip. An I.D. bracelet or a
note from your doctor regarding any special treatments you are receiving will prove invaluable in the event of an emergency.
Important: Do not pack your passport or travel documents in your luggage, as you will need them at the airport and at embarkation. Keep them, as well as prescription medication and any valuables in your carry-on bag, and keep your carry-on with you at all times while traveling.

Shipboard Services

Air conditioning: All ships are fully air- conditioned.
Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop: We recommend that passengers book their appointments as soon as possible after embarkation to avoid any possible disappointment.
Bon Voyage Gifts: Through Royal Olympia’s “Bon Voyage” Department, you may send flowers, wine, champagne, etc. to your friends celebrating a special occasion on board - Honeymoon, Anniversary or Birthday. Click here for more details and order form.
Boutique: To simplify gift buying, our boutiques provide an excellent selection of fine European fashions, perfumes and other items at duty-free prices, as well as many Royal Olympia souvenir items.
Cabin Service: 24-hours cabin service is available on all Royal Olympia vessels. Aboard Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer, 24-hour butler service is provided in the Sky Suite, category SA.
Cigarettes and Tobacco: The Dining Rooms on board are non-smoking. Bars and lounges are divided into
smoking and non-smoking sections. American and European brands of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are
available for purchase on board. Our guests are kindly advised that cigar and pipe smoking is prohibited in the lounges, bars and other indoor areas on board. For the pleasure of cigar aficionados the Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer have a designated cigar lounge.
Daily Program: Each evening a schedule of the following day’s events will be delivered to your cabin. This includes arrival and departure times, meal times, social activities, evening dress code and other information relevant to the following day.
Deck Chairs: Deck chairs and pool cushions are complimentary and available for use without reservation
icon9.gif (3260 bytes)Electric Current: Some of the cabins on our ships are fitted with American-type outlets and some with European-type outlets so please bring a plug adapter. The current is either 110v or 220v, so if your appliances are not dual-voltage, do not forget to bring a transformer. 
Olympia Voyager: 110v AC 230v AC
Olympia Explorer 110v AC 230v AC
Olympia Countess: 110v AC 220v AC
Stella Solaris: 110v AC 220v AC
Triton: 110v AC
World Renaissance: 110v AC
Stella Oceanis: 220v AC
Odysseus: 110v AC
Gymnasium/Sauna: On most of our ships there is a fitness center, sauna and/or massage room. The Stella Solaris, Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer have extensive spa facilities and treatment programs.
Honeymooners: Honeymooners will receive special treatment on board. Please advise your reservation agent when making your booking.
Laundry and Pressing: A laundry and pressing service is available on board all our vessels. For safety reasons, dry-cleaning equipment is not permitted on board. Self-service facilities are not available.
Medical Facilities: A qualified physician is in attendance on all cruises. Office hours are posted outside the infirmary, but emergencies are attended to immediately at all times. A customary fee is charged for most services and medications.
Olympia Corner: As Official Sponsors of the Hellenic Olympia Committee, we invite you to visit our “Olympia Corner” where you will be able to view memorabilia and interesting items from the ancient and modern Olympia Games. A wide selection of replicas can be found in the ship’s arcade.
Pets and Animals: We regret that no pets or animals are permitted on board.
Photography Services: A professional photographer will cover most events on board. All photographs may be viewed without obligation.
Spa/Gymnasium: The Olympia Explorer, Olympia Voyager and Stella Solaris have state of the art spas that offer full service fitness center with sauna, steam, massage and body treatments. The Olympia Voyager and Olympia Explorer features the Jade Spa and the Stella Solaris the Daphne Spa.
Valuables: For your convenience, the ship’s Purser accepts for deposit in the ship’s safe, against receipt, valuables such as jewelry, money or documents. The liability of the Company with regard to such deposits is limited to the conditions stated within the Passage Contract. No liability whatsoever exists for valuables not deposited as above.