Welcome Aboard

Our Heritage of Hospitality
Come aboard and take in our world...a world of gracious hospitality, spellbinding exploration, and nautical tradition.
Royal Olympia ships have sailed on all oceans of the world and pioneered innovative itineraries for over 35 years. We present remarkable journeys to natural wonders and fascinating sites in Europe, Africa, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Let us welcome you on board and become part of experiences you will cherish for a lifetime.

For Your Entertainment Pleasure
Enjoy the varied entertainment we offer on board; lectures on the exotic ports of call, classical music concerts, cabaret-style evening entertainment with musicians, dancers and comedians from around the world.

There’s also dancing in the main lounge before and after dinner. Try your luck at the casino, go to the cinema or the late-night disco.

You may fill your days from dawn until dusk; we have enough options to please everyone. A highlight of every cruise is the Greek Night. Our officers and crew will entertain you with song and dances from their native Greece. The spirit is contagious, so polish your dancing shoes. You will eagerly accept the invitation to join them and show off what you learned in your Greek dance class during your cruise.

Relax & Indulge Your Senses
The romance of ocean travel is alive and well at Royal Olympia Cruises. Some of the most memorable
moments of your cruise will be spent on deck; watching the sun rise over Istanbul, relaxing in a deck
chair or star-gazing under the night sky.

Royal Olympia ships have expansive decks for sunning or strolling; salt-water swimming pools for a refreshing dip before dinner and al fresco dining options for breakfast and lunch. All this comes with a gentle sea breeze and the endless horizon beckoning with new adventures ahead.

You can enjoy a myriad of activities on board a Royal Olympia cruise or just relax and do nothing at all. The choice is yours.

Kali Orexi
Kali means good and Orexi means appetite in Greek. Dining has always been a joyous occasion in Greece. Hospitality and good food go hand-in-hand at Royal Olympia Cruises, following a time-honored tradition, since the days of Homer.

Using wholesome ingredients of the highest quality, we make all of our delicious meals and baked goods on board. We offer elegant continental cuisine, delicious low-fat dishes, daily Greek specialties and enough variety to please any palate. Every meal is a culinary event.

The wine steward will offer you a diverse optional selection of fine wines to accompany your meal. For a treat, try some of our homemade baklava for dessert. Of course, if you are still hungry, 24-hour complimentary cabin service is always available.